Our team is everything.

With a multilingual team of experts and experience in nearly 80 countries, Sanitas has the agility to immediately size-up complex situations, implement winning courses of action and reshape situations where failure is not an option. Our team possesses the savvy to act with confidence in any environment, to lead where most hesitate and to succeed where others fail. This quality is bred only from experience. It manifests itself in an uncommon wisdom that produces insights and real impact for our clients where and when it matters most.

Sanitas looks for exceptional and agile talent who thrives in high risk, high reward environments. If you enjoy working in exciting, high-stakes communications and political arenas where the margin of error is slim, but the opportunity to create lasting impact is enormous, then Sanitas may be for you. Sanitas is a place to test your mettle and expand your skills working on a diverse range of projects, cultures, and clients. Please, submit a resume to Bruce Fryer at